Let’s cut to the chase. You want to write great copy for your business but you’ve discovered that it’s harder than you thought. Maybe you don’t know how to start or maybe you’re in the thick of it and feel quite overwhelmed. Here are 3 tips to get you writing great copy, without all the stress and frustration.

1. Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Do you have your customer in the forefront of your mind when you sit down to write? Do you know why you are writing and how it will help your customer (or future customer)? Before you start writing anything or hit “publish” make sure you’re very clear about your purpose and desired outcome. Without clarity and focus your writing will be vague, disjointed and your readers will switch off.

Does your content have a “wow” factor? Would anyone share your content with their friends? When you create great content that helps people, they will want to share it with others. Shareable content allows you to gain exposure and attract new fans to your business in an organic and authentic way. Referral and word of mouth is still the best way to get new leads into your business.

Always have your customer in the forefront of your mind, driving your ideas, strategies and copy.

2. Nice To Meet You, Let’s Chat

Capturing and expressing your true and authentic voice can be challenging. It seems when we sit down to write we get stuck in a professional, “stuffy” style of writing that is nothing like how we speak in real life. This “voice” isn’t who you really are and often doesn’t convey your brand’s message and “feel.”

Take cues from your own conversations. Notice the words and phrases you use everyday when you speak to people about your business and when you communicate with your customers. Start using words you commonly use in conversation in your copy. This will allow you to align your writing style with your speaking style, creating a congruent brand presence.


3. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Don’t just look to your own words to provide you with inspiration. Draw from the words your customers use. Look over emails, social media comments and questions and any notes you have from conversations with your clients. Start using their words in your copy.  By “mirroring” their language you can be confident you are writing copy that will resonate. Learning to write and communicate in your customers’ language is what will inspire them to say, “They just get me” and that is the core objective of great copy writing.

Write often. Practice, practice, practice.

When it comes to improving your writing, you need to write often. Practice, practice, practice. Keep working at uncovering your authentic writing style, it will come. Each time you re-write and edit your work, it gets better and you learn more (despite what it might feel like when you’re on version 8.6!). Over the next few weeks, put these 3 tips into action and start to see your copy move from okay, to better to GREAT.

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