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Is your team working in The Optimal Brain Zone?

Equip your team to work in The Optimal Brain Zone and create sustainable success in your business!

Implement the latest discoveries in neuroscience to increase productivity, focus, health and wellbeing to optimise the performance and wellbeing of your team.

The Optimal Brain Zone
Creating Sustainable Success In Business
The latest in neuroscience is showing that an overwhelmed, overused and overtired brain is not a smart, efficient or innovative brain.

Yet most of our daily habits and beliefs around what productivity looks like, are causing our brains to work less optimally and increasing stress.

In my practical sessions you’ll discover how to think and work differently to re-wire your brain for greater productivity, focus, innovation and wellbeing.

Discover brain-based performance strategies that will allow your team to reach their full potential, without burning out!

Enhance Performance

An overwhelmed brain is not a smart or efficient brain. Adopt new work habits that allow your brain to work at it’s best. Get more done, with more ease and less stress. Increase focus, motivation, momentum and productivity.

Manage Stress Well

Stress shuts down the brain’s strategic and creative thinking abilities. Implement brain-based strategeis to manage stress and switch into a Solution Mindset. Increase clarity, calm, confidence and creativity.

Increase Wellbeing

Health and happiness are crucial to productivity, motivation and wellbeing. Discover simple steps to increase wellbeing to create sustainable success in business.


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jessica Lee where she presented to my CXOs in our last Practice Day on Working Smarter, Not Harder.
Jessica’s presentation focused on using neuroscience-based techniques to manage stress well, to focus and prioritise at work, to stay in your brilliance zone and to communicate with empathy.
Jessica was a huge hit and it was the best turn out we have ever had for a Practice Day. A lot of what Jessica shared is now being put into practice on an individual and team level, with great results.
Jessica has great knowledge and content to offer and I would recommend her for your next team event or training.”
Amy Smith

CXO Chapter Lead | Corporate Strategy and Customer Experience , AUCKLAND SAVINGS BANK

I’ve booked Jess as a speaker for several events over the years and audiences have always responded to her sessions with glowing feedback. They love how she shares science-based ideas in a relatable and practical way.

I recommend her for leadership days, team sessions, events you need a speaker who is real, relatable and provides actionable insights that are science backed and full of wonder!

Sarah Nally

General Manager | Design Practice, AUCKLAND SAVINGS BANK

Jessica was a great presenter and her presentation was well received by the Blackmores’ team.

Jessica presented some great ideas and strategies on how we could improve both creativity and productivity at work.

We continue to see many examples of the team using their learnings from Jessica’s presentation.

I would recommend Jessica if your team is facing overwhelm, feeling pressured and struggling to generate new ideas and innovate.

Nicole Steven

Head of Business Development ANZ, BLACKMORES

Jessica’s session was really thought-provoking and refreshing.

Jessica helped me truly understand through her life story and her knowledge of the field of neuroscience how she was able to re-build her life.

I took away clear personal strategies to help me invest in my health, to focus on what magnifies me and to work on developing the best version of myself.

Jessica’s energy and happiness was so infectious and inspiring. I would highly recommend her sessions.

Sue Sleiman


Jess came to speak about setting effective goals at Curves and she was amazing!

Jess was so informative and engaging and really knew her topic! She was organised, well prepared and very confident.

Everyone got a lot out of the night and really enjoyed it.

We would welcome Jess back at any time and highly recommend her as a Guest Speaker at any event or function.

Jacki Stevenson


Transform How Your Team Thinks and Works

Move from stress, overwhelm and burnout to control, calm and creativity.

I can also create a customised presentation or workshop specifically designed for your organisation or event.

My Story

Hi, I’m Jessica Lee. I’m a passionate advocate for creating sustainable success in business. Having been on the other side of burnout, I know what it costs! After pushing too hard at university and experiencing burnout at 23, I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. This illness was a significant turning point in my life. I questioned the wisdom of the ’24/7′ hustle.

I committed to finding a new way of working that supported my health. I spent seven years learning everything I could about neuroscience, positive psychology and wellbeing practices. In the seven years it took me to recover, I discovered what our brain needs to thrive, what mindset leads to success and what wellbeing habits support sustainable growth and achievement.

Over the past decade I’ve been sharing my knowledge and experiences, as a performance and mindset educator, through my own business, The Spark Effect. I’ve featured regularly in leading health and wellness publications, including Thrive Global, WellBeing, Body and Soul, Being and Australian Yoga Life.

I’ve also worked with big corporations such as Commonwealth Bank, Blackmores and Curves, along with many small business owners, equipping them with brain-based strategies to help them increase their productivity without burning out. I share what our brain needs to work at it’s best – what we need to work in The Optimal Brain Zone. I incorporate principles from neuroscience, positive psychology and Eastern and Western wellbeing practices.

I look at why we must redefine the habits of productivity and peak performance so we can achieve more, think creatively and re-imagine what is possible…without sacrificing our health, wellbeing and joy.

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