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Wired To Thrive

Rewire your brain to think, feel and work better!

Discover simple brain hacks to help you:

Live your purpose

Achieve without burning out

Overcome mindset blocks

Reach your full potential

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Over the course of this book you will discover how to…


 Reconnect with what matters



  • Embrace self-kindness
  • Live with purpose
  • Create change one small step at a time
  • Make value-aligned decisions


Achieve without burning out



  • Listen to your body
  • Manage stress and regulating your nervous system
  • Work smarter not harder
  • Get into the flow state
  • Overcome people pleasing
  • Beat procrastination
  • Get good sleep
  • Keep your energy tank full


Overcome mindset blocks to reach your full potential


  • Set goals with purpose
  • Overcome imposter syndrome
  • Manage perfectionism
  • Confidently stepping into your growth zone
  • Respond resiliently to setbacks
  • Seek wonder and awe

Hi, I’m Jessica Lee

I’m a wellbeing journalist, speaker and executive coach in my business The Spark Effect. I’m passionate about sharing the fascinating world of the brain and how we can use neuroscience-based strategies to find solutions, build resilience, lower stress and increase health, happiness and creativity. Having experienced chronic illness twice in my life, I know the importance of wellbeing and have developed strategies to achieve without burning out.

Over the past twelve years I have written for Australia’s leading health and wellness publications, including Body and Soul, WellBeing, Being, Australian Yoga Life and The Daily Telegraph. I have been a keynote speaker for corporations such as Commonwealth Bank, Blackmores, NAB, Curves and ASB. I have also continued my study under the brilliant neuroscientist, Dr Sarah McKay, graduating from her training, The Neuroscience Academy.

I wrote Wired To Thrive, because I am passionate about helping you, a fellow high-achiever, find an easier, kinder and more effective way to live your life – a lifestyle that works with your brain and not against it. I want to you help fast-track your journey towards creating a lifestyle geared for sustainable success, not burnout. Our mindset and what we believe can support us to reach our true potential or it can hold us back. I don’t want you to give up on your dreams and aspirations because you’re struggling with exhaustion, self-doubt or overwhelm. There is another way.

As a massive brain nerd, I want to introduce you to your brain so you can understand why you do what you do, and more importantly, how you can re-wire your brain to change the things that are holding you back. Our brain’s are malleable, changing based on our experiences and what we do and think. This concept of neuroplasticity, means we have the power to change, we don’t need to stay stuck. We can re-wire our brain to feel calmer, more confident, more creative and to experience a healthier and happier life.

In this book I will share with you my experiences and the science-based strategies that have helped me and my clients create transformation in our lives.

My Story

In 2008 my life ground to a halt when I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome.

I was 23 years old and had just graduated with 1st class honors from university and had started working for the Australian Federal Government in Canberra. I’d been sick with glandular fever during university but pushed through, but when I picked up the flu going around the office, it completely wiped me out.

It took me weeks to get back to work, but once back I still wasn’t okay. I struggled to concentrate, I felt dizzy, and walking up stairs was becoming increasingly exhausting. I would go home after work and rest, I would spend most of the weekend sleeping, but still I got worse. Even though my blood tests were all coming back fine, I knew I was anything but fine.

Everyday things got harder and harder: grocery shopping, showering, cooking, washing my clothes and driving. I was struggling to do my job and even falling asleep in the toilet. Eventually I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). CFS is a serious and long-term illness that affects many parts of the body and is characterised by symptoms such as exhaustion, post exertion malaise, brain fog, headaches, gastrointestinal issues, joint and muscle pain, dizziness and difficulty thinking.


After my diagnosis I left my job on sick leave and moved back to Sydney to live with my mum. I fully expected to bounce back within a few months, but little did I know it would take seven long years to rebuild my health and my life.

While CFS isn’t a lifestyle-based illness, before getting sick I had not been looking after myself. I was a typical Type A high achiever, pushing my body too far, setting exceptionally high standards for myself, not stopping until I reached them and not taking care of myself in the process. I would skimp on sleep, drink too much caffeine, fuel up on sugar and not prioritise the things that helped me unwind and de-stress. I was also my own harshest critic, so I constantly chased after more and better, driving myself into the ground int he process.

Losing my health was a wake-up call and made me desperate to find a new way of living that was sustainable, kinder and more supportive of my wellbeing. But I also wanted to find a way to still follow my dreams and achieve the things that mattered to me, but without sacrificing my health along the way.

This set me on a new path to find out all I could about what our brain and body actually needs to thrive. From my bed, I started to read all I could about the brain, health, wellbeing, performance, and positive psychology.

What I found while researching surprised me…and it changed my life.

A sustainable approach to life and work…

We may believe that hard work, long hours, pushing through, being hard on ourselves, setting high expectations, skimping on sleep, not switching off and people-pleasing will equip us to do our best work and reach our true potential — but we are wrong.

What we think leads to a successful, meaningful and healthy life, is so far off the mark. In fact, the science shows that how we’re living our lives is pushing us further into exhaustion, burnout, disconnection from ourselves, and increasing our risk of serious illnesses and disease.

What our brain actually needs to thrive is a return to focus, wellness, kindness, purpose and connection.

As I used the strategies I was reading about and I started to take better care of myself, I slowly began to rebuild my health and my life. I’ve since gone on to travel, get married, become a mum, become a keynote speaker, a wellness journalist and a coach for female entrepreneurs and leaders.

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