Happy Clients

Jessica is one of those rare individuals who truly listens and cares. Before we spoke, I was feeling overwhelmed and confused about how to progress in my business. She helped me so much in gaining clarity and excitement.

She was able to nail exactly what steps I needed to take and made what felt very complex seem so simple.

Every session with Jess I leave feeling much more clear, energised and inspired.

She has a wealth of knowledge and ideas and I would highly recommend her if you’re business owner seeking new opportunities, direction or wanting to increase your cash flow.

Kat Millar

Health, Fitness and Life Coach / Speaker / Trainer, Get Results Training

It’s such a blessing to have Jess in your corner.

She brings a fresh and insightful approach to helping you to dig deeper into what you are hoping to achieve and how that might look.

I always look forward to my catch up with Jess as I know I will walk away with new perspectives, insights and ideas.

Yve Lavine

Business Owner and Photographer, Yve Lavine Photography

Jess has been a wonderful source of creative inspiration to my business. Many a time, Jess’ thoughtful and creative suggestions has provided significant input at key times. Jess’ timely input provided a clearer direction for my companies branding. If you need a creative sounding board for your business I would recommend speaking with Jess.

Kathryn Dodd

Founder and Editor-In-Chief, The Great Health Guide

For the past 19 years, I have owned and managed a business offering educational support for school students.

Jess and I had several business development sessions where she advised how to streamline some of our administration procedures reducing workload and stress for our secretary.

She was able to improve the conditions of enrollment requirements and suggested ways to convey these changes more clearly to the clients which saw higher efficiency in payments and attendance.

Jess also offered many suggestions on how to prepare the business for sale and to continue the potential growth of the business, so I now have clearer goals with preparing the business for future sale and planning for my retirement.

I would definitely recommend Jess to assist with any business efficiency and development. She provides specific and realistic strategies to allow a business to run more smoothly with less stress.

Pam Ford

Owner and Teacher, Caringbah Learning Centre

Before I started coaching with Jess, I really needed someone to help me juggle and organise my business with a busy family life.

Jess has helped me break down the tasks I needed to achieve into bite size chunks which has helped so much. She has been so reassuring, has really understood my issues and is a great listener.

Since coaching with Jess she has given me so much confidence in all the areas I lacked it before and that has had some really positive business results.

Working with Jess has helped me to be more motivated, organised and more confident.

I would recommend Jess for start ups in a similar position to myself who are time poor, need clear direction and want help with marketing and communications, as this is Jess’ greatest strength! I would also recommend Jess to someone who didn’t just want business advice, but a coach who will also empathise with them.

Fatema Khanbhai

Owner, The Chai Room

Jess has helped me to add structure and clarity to my ideas and I have really appreciated her cheerful yet very focused approach to supporting me in the development of my business concepts.

Her background in writing and communication is obvious in her ability to listen to your ideas and bring them to life in a way that is authentic to you!

I was particularly impressed with the respectful way Jess handled me in a session where I was feeling quite negative. She allowed me to ‘get it all out’ and then continued to gently challenge me anyway! This is very confidence inspiring.

Jess brings a warm, positive and affirming presence to coaching sessions.

Meredith Silvester

Coach, Coach In2 Clarity