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Hi, I’m Jessica Lee and I’m a performance and mindset coach, writer and speaker. I help female entrepreneurs get their great ideas out of their head and into the world.

I work with talented and purpose-driven business women harness their brilliance, get out of their own way and become confident action-takers.

Having lived with a chronic illness for nearly a decade and now recovered, I’m also a passionate advocate for building a business without burning out.

Are you ready to create what matters most to you?

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Massive To-Do List?

Be A Lifelong Learner

Speaking + Workshops

The latest in neuroscience is showing that an overwhelmed, overused and overtired brain is not a smart, efficient or innovative brain.

Yet most of our daily habits and beliefs around what productivity looks like, are causing our brains to work less optimally and increasing stress.

In my practical sessions you’ll discover how to think and work differently to re-wire your brain for greater productivity, focus, innovation and wellbeing.

Discover brain-based performance strategies that will allow your team to reach their full potential, without burning out!

Jessica had great ideas and strategies to improve both creativity and productivity at work. We continue to see many examples of the team using their learnings.

Nicole Steven

Head of Business Development ANZ, Blackmores

Jess joined our team at NAB and shared some practical and helpful strategies for feeling less overwhelmed and more creative and calm.

The team absolutely loved the opportunity to hear from Jess and we are all experimenting with her awesome tips!

Sarah Nally

Head of Change & Communications, NAB

Jessica’s session was really thought-provoking and refreshing.

Jessica helped me truly understand through her life story and her knowledge of the field of neuroscience how she was able to re-build her life.

I took away clear personal strategies to help me invest in my health, to focus on what magnifies me and to work on developing the best version of myself.

Jessica’s energy and happiness was so infectious and inspiring. I would highly recommend her sessions.

Sue Sleiman

Wired For Wonder Attendee, Commonwealth Bank

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