The Spark Effect Academy

12 week action taking program for female entrepreneurs
+ change makers

Get Your Project DONE This Year!

It’s time to get your knowledge out of your head

and into the world…

Are you ready to get your knowledge out of your head and into the world this year?

Whether you want to:

  • finally put your wisdom into an online course
  • write the draft for your first book
  • create a coaching business
  • start a new side hustle

The Spark Effect Academy will give you the essential skills you need to get your exciting project done this year!

Take super-focused committed action over the 12 week 1-on-1 program, so you can finish the year having ticked off an incredible business (and personal) milestone!

Let’s take your spark of genius and make it happen

Hello there lovely,

You have a BIG vision and an exciting message to share…

But you haven’t quite done it yet…

You find yourself thinking:

  • “I have so many ideas, which one do I pick?”
  • “Where do I even start?”
  • “Where will I find the time to get it done?”
  • “What if I fail?”

You have the vision and talent but getting started is challenging and seeing your projects through to finished has proved harder than you thought.

Your busy creative mind can get in the way of you taking action and growing your business.

You feel like your mind is full of fabulous ideas for your business, but you don’t know which idea to pick or even if it’s the right idea!

Your busy mind gets stuck over-thinking, over-planning and over-analysing…

You find yourself questioning your talent, skills and ideas as you step out of your comfort zone…

You’re Not Alone…

If you’ve struggled to get started on your projects (and finish them!) you aren’t alone.

As a creative and passionate female entrepreneur, your busy mind can be the biggest block to growing your business…but it doesn’t need to be!

After working with female entrepreneurs for years, I’ve discovered the top 3 reasons they struggle to get their ideas out of their head and into the world:

1. Not knowing where to start

2. Niggling self-doubt

3. Not having the right support

As a result, I’ve seen indecision, doubt and inaction cost them thousands of dollars in their business. They limited the amount of people they could have helped and undermined their potential, happiness and success.

Don’t let that be you!

Create With Ease

Just like you, I struggled to get my ideas out of my busy mind and into the world. I often got in my own way and limited the success of my business.

In my first year of business I spent $13,000 on a business development program only to discover that I struggled to actually implement the business techniques I was learning.

I had all the marketing ideas, the sales pitches, the great business ideas but…

  • I didn’t know how to structure my ideas
  • I didn’t know how to focus and use my time wisely and strategically
  • I didn’t have the right support
  • I got stuck in perfectionism and self-doubt

That was, until I discovered an easier way to make decisions, plan my projects, maximise my time and retrain my brain to successfully navigating the creative journey.

Using the latest in neuroscience, positive psychology and wellbeing principles, I developed a clear process to follow to organise and harness my busy, creative mind.

Once I developed this new approach, getting projects DONE was easy, exciting and empowering.

I’ve gone on to use these same processes to help female entrepreneurs to:

1. Breakthrough the resistance to getting started

2. Achieve with more ease

3. Overcome self-doubt and grow their business and influence

And I can help you do the same!

The Spark Effect Academy

I created The Spark Effect Academy to help you take your spark of genius and make it happen!

The Spark Effect Academy is a 12 week 1-on-1 action-taking and mindset program that gives you…

The exact step-by-step processes, templates, frameworks and skills you need to finally achieve that big, BOLD, out-of-your-comfort-zone project.

Overcome the blocks that are stopping you from stepping into your full potential, sharing your wisdom with others and having the impact you know is possible.

This is for you if you’re thinking…

“I have too many ideas in my mind but it is so hard for me to get started.”

“I constantly work on a lot of things at the same time.”

“I don’t want my talents and ambitions to be wasted.”

“I know I’m the biggest obstacle in my way!”

“I’m frustrated that I’m not further along in my business.”

“I just wish it was easier!!!”

The Spark Effect Academy will give you the structure, processes and tools you need to take your ideas and get them out into the world, with ease, enjoyment and confidence.

Your Result


Project Done!

At the end of the 12 week program you will have DONE your project – it’s time to crack open the champagne and celebrate!

Skills For Life

You will now have the framework, processes and skills you need to take ANY of your project ideas and make them happen!

New You

By the end of the 12 week program you’ll be a confident action-taker, no longer getting stuck by indecision, overwhelm or self-doubt. Hello “You Version 2.0”!
Rewire Your Brain For Success

Applied Neuroscience

Unlock the power of your brain! Learn the techniques you need to allow you to stay in your Brain’s Brilliance Zone. Discover proven, brain-based techniques and strategies to increase your focus, productivity, motivation and confidence.


Positive Psychology

Your thoughts determine your results. Get equipped with proven go to strategies from the best in positive psychology, so you can master your mindset and become a confident and resilient action-taker.

Wellbeing Principles

Ditch the 24/7 hustle! Work smarter not harder, prioritise your wellbeing, feel great and achieve more…without burning out.

  • Having complete clarity on what exciting business project to work on next…no more indecision!


  • No more half-finished projects! Super charge your productivity, focus and follow through, without burning out.


  • Having rock-solid confidence, knowing you have the right mindset tools to quieten your inner critic.


  • Having the skills and processes to move resiliently through challenges as they arise during your project creation.


  • Knowing you don’t have to do it alone! You have all the support you need to reach the finish line!

Get All The Support + Skills You Need To Make It Happen

6 x Brain-Based Practical Masterclasses

Unlock the latest in neuroscience, positive psychology and wellness principles, so you can prime your brain for success, master your mindset and get your message out into the world! Become a confident creator and step into your leadership with these 6 brain-based action-focused masterclass trainings.

Deep Dive 1-on-1 Planning Session

Get clear and start creating with confidence! In week one we’ll do a 90 min 1-on-1 deep dive coaching session to get clear on your project idea, vision, message and audience. We will develop your 12 week project plan so you know exactly what tasks to do and in what order (including a done for you Trello board!).

Weekly 1-on-1 Sessions

Fast track your project, keep your momentum and move through challenges, setbacks and mindset blocks fast with weekly 1-on-1 coaching (30 min sessions). Take a breather mid-program in a designated rest week, so you can create with great energy and calm.

Weekly Expert Feedback

Get expert eyes on your work each week! Send me what you’re working on and I’ll provide you with expert personalised feedback so you can take your message and marketing to the next level!

Program Valued at $5997 AUD

Take A Look Inside…

Masterclass 1: Success Setup
Get complete clarity on what project is the best to be focusing your time and energy on right now, so you can stay in your Brain’s Brilliance Zone. Discover your deeper why and how to harness the power of purpose to increase your motivation, focus and resilience.
Masterclass 2: Create Your Road Map
Take your big exciting project idea and break it down into a do-able and clear road map. Move past overwhelm and get excited as you see with clarity and confidence how you are going to make it happen!
Masterclass 3: Master Your Mindset

Master your mindset and quieten self-doubt as you step out of your comfort zone to achieve great things. Discover brain-based techniques to silence your inner critic, overcome imposter syndrome and move forward with courage and confidence.

Masterclass 4: Work Smarter Not Harder
Discover simple techniques to increase your focus, productivity, energy and motivation. Maximise the time you do have to fast track your business growth. Keep your brain out of stress and overwhelm and your critical thinking and creativity high.
Masterclass 5: Build Your Resilience
Overcome challenges quickly and easily. Discover a clear process to follow to navigate setbacks with ease and confidence. Learn how to adopt a solution-focused mindset so you can keep moving forward, keep your motivation high and ensure you reach the finish line!
Masterclass 6: Your Sustainable Success Habits
Discover how to create new daily habits that will support you to feel great as you achieve your project. Stay out of burnout and create success sustainably in your business moving forward.

PLUS These Amazing Bonuses For FREE

(Valued at $1497 AUD)

Bonus #1 Lifetime Access

You will have access to the masterclasses, templates, worksheets and resource library for the life of the program. This will definitely be a resource you come back to time and time again.

Bonus #2 Templates, Worksheets + Resource Library

Use my templates and worksheets to fast-track your progress and quickly implement the masterclass trainings. Access my curated resource library, so you can quickly and easily delve deeper into content that will support you on your growth journey.

Bonus # 3 Rewire Your Anxious Mind Training

This training will equip you with neuroscience-based strategies to help you understand why anxiety happens, what changes in your brain (and body) and how to rewire your brain for calm, clarity and confidence, so you can get out of your comfort zone with more ease and create the things that matter.    

Program Value $5997 AUD
Bonus Value $1497 AUD
= Over $7000 AUD of Value!

14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not fully satisfied, you can email me within 14 days and I will refund all of your money.
I want you to be completely happy and this Satisfaction Guarantee makes it completely risk-free for you.


Take clear and strategic action to get your knowledge out of your head and into the world.


Get super focused so you can get your project DONE this year!


Rewire your brain for success so you can create with confidence and achieve what you know you’re capable of.

Past Client Success Stories
Jessica offers well-researched strategies that are based on solid evidence. This program really made me consider my barriers to creating as well as the stories I was buying into. Basically – Jessica speaks my language and her course did not disappoint!

I loved Jessica’s values-based approach. I appreciated the fact that she took the time to provide personalised feedback to group members. Thanks Jessica!

Kylie Brownfield

Clinical Psychologist, The Mindful Clinic

Jess is so knowledgeable and gives so much valuable content. Her program is not only well structured and gives you the exact information you need but she also motivates you to take the action needed.

Jess also makes sure that you are crystal clear with what you’re going to do and holds you accountable. Jess will give you exactly what you need so you will actually see results. Thank you Jess!

Natascha Opt De Hipt

Business Coach, Blissunity

I loved The Spark Effect Academy. It was so good and I learned so many great productivity and mindset techniques. I learned more about me and how I can work smarter and how to stay focused to achieve my goals. The weekly masterclasses were great, as were the live coaching sessions. I managed to complete two projects!
Patricia Frederick

Chef and Health Coach, Warmly Nourished

Jess is a wealth of knowledge and all her courses are jam packed with neuroscience based tools and tips to help you achieve your goals. I recently worked with Jess and couldn’t have been happier with the process. She checked in regularly, keeping me on track, positive and inspired!
Jess Brain

Brain Coach, The Brain Bar

I joined The Spark Effect Academy because I needed personalised support and help to implement my actions to get results. The neuroscience-based content Jessica teaches was so fascinating and helpful.

Jessica really breaks it down into simple language and makes it super actionable. Such a great program! I’d definitely recommend this to women in business who want to get a big task or project DONE!

Kat Millar

Business Consultant , Amplify Your Influence

“I was feeling ‘a little bit stuck’ and had ‘waay toooo many goals’ that I wanted to achieve.

The incredibly unique and effective step-by-step actions Jess teaches, helped me to quickly clear my path and know the exact goals I truly wanted to focus on AND how to achieve them.

I’m ‘rocking’ my goals which is a true reflection of how amazing Jess’s unique program truly is.

Forever grateful! Thank YOU, Jess!!”

Leonie McNamara

Mindset Coach

Jess is amazing at breaking down complex concepts and applying them to real life situations. Because of the way Jess was able to explain things, I was able to understand them better which led to life-changing breakthroughs. Jess’ advice was very useful in personal as well as business situations.
Rachel Catlin

Editor-in-Chief , GLT Magazine

Jess joined our team at NAB and shared some practical and helpful strategies for feeling less overwhelmed and more creative and calm. The team absolutely loved the opportunity to hear from Jess and we are all experimenting with her awesome tips!
Sarah Nally

Head of Change and Communications, National Australia Bank

Working with Jess has helped me to be more motivated, organised and more confident. Jess has helped me break down the tasks I needed to achieve into bite size chunks which has helped so much. Jess has been so reassuring, has really understood my issues and is a great listener.        
Fatema Khanbhai

Owner, The Chai Room

Jess has helped me to add structure and clarity to my ideas. Her background in writing and communication is obvious in her ability to listen to your ideas and bring them to life in a way that is authentic to you!

Jess brings a warm, positive and affirming presence to coaching sessions.

I’ve really appreciated her cheerful yet very focused approach to supporting me in the development of my business concepts.

Meredith Silvester

Coach, Coach In2 Clarity

Jessica had great ideas and strategies to improve both creativity and productivity at work. We continue to see many examples of the team using their learnings.
Nicole Steven

Head of Business Development ANZ, Blackmores

Jess came to speak at Curves on the goal setting. She was amazing! Jess was so informative and engaaging and really knew her topic! She was organised, well prepared and very confident. Everyone got a lot out of the night and really enjoyed it. We would welcome Jess back at any time and highly recommend her as a Guest Speaker at any event or function.

Jacki Stevenson

Co-Owner, Curves Sutherland

Your Host

Hi, I’m Jessica Lee and I’m a performance and mindset specialist, business coach and copywriter. I’m passionate about helping female entrepreneurs who have a message to share get their knowledge out of their head and into the world.

As a writer, speaker and coach, I’ve worked with both small businesses and large corporations including Commonwealth Bank, NAB, Blackmores and Curves.

I have shared my passion for neuroscience, positive psychology and wellbeing practices as a feature writer for leading publications including Wellbeing, Being, Thrive Global and Body and Soul.

I look forward to helping you reach your next level in your business and life!

Jess xx


Q: How much time will I need to set aside for the program each week?

I know you’re busy! So, I’ve designed the masterclass trainings to be short, sharp and focused. Each masterclass training will be 30-45 mins long. There will also be simple activities after each masterclass that may take you 30 mins to complete. We will also meet for 30 mins 1-on-1 in our weekly coaching session. Of course you also need to block out time each week to work on your project. I suggest a minimum of 90 mins per week to work on your project.

Q: This program sounds awesome but I have a non-business project, can I still join?”

Absolutely! The masterclass trainings and 1- on-1 coaching is designed to equip you to be a confident action-taker no matter what your project is. But let’s chat to make sure the program is the right fit for you.


Q: Can I chat with you to see if The Spark Effect Academy is the right fit for me and where I’m at in my business?

Let’s do it! Email me to organise a time –