With the rise of COVID-19, what we are facing is truly unprecedented. Now more than ever we need to keep our mindsets strong and new ways of living and coping and enjoying our precious lives.

When I was in my 20’s I spent 7 years recovering from chronic fatigue syndrome and I learnt a lot about re-thinking limitations, managing a lot of home time and finding small ways to continue to live a life of purpose.

This week I posted a short 10 min video to my private Facebook group, The Spark Hub, sharing my top 5 tips for keeping your mindset strong as we face so much change, uncertainty, loss and limitations.

My tips are based on my knowledge of neuroscience, positive psychology, wellbeing principles and my seven year journey recovering from a chronic health condition that kept me home alot and required me to re-think my limitations, find purpose and happiness in the small things, to adopt a solution mindset and above all else…be patient!

I shared how to:

1. Reconnect with your 2 core life values and find simple ways to live them each day, even amid the current restrictions and limitations.

2. Use gratitude to re-focus your brain on what is good and what you can be thankful for.

3. Turn to creativity to move through loss and create a sense of control.

4. Create new supportive routines (especially if you have little ones with you at home).

5. Be creative on how you will support your own wellbeing– “What do I need right now?” “How can I create that?”

You can watch it below.

I hope you find it useful if you need some guidance or support at this time.

Sending you all lots of love xxx