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I’m Jessica Lee and I’m a neuro-wellbeing writer, speaker and educator. I’m passionate about helping female entrepreneurs and leaders achieve their business and life goals through the power of neuroscience and wellbeing-based strategies. Having lived with a chronic illness for nearly a decade and now recovered, I advocate and teach sustainable success and achievement.

My focus is always on what our brain and body needs to thrive and I show you how you can support your health, happiness and ultimately your success by working with your brain (not against it) through practical work, lifestyle and mindset strategies and techniques.

We are capable of so much in our lives and I love working with people and teams who are driven to live courageously and to create the things that matter. I love working with people and teams who are committed to reaching their full potential and inspiring positive change in the world.

When we feel great we can achieve so much more, which is why my work always revolves around what we need in order to feel on purpose, supported, confident, inspired, creative and energised.

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The Balancing Act

Out of ten how much pressure do you feel in your life at the moment? Are your own beliefs about how things “should” be causing you to feel more pressure than is necessary? There is no doubt that our thoughts are powerful and impact how we experience life. When our...

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Re-Train Your Brain To Focus

How often during your day do you multitask? Do you try to be across more than one thing at a time to save time and get more done? If you answered “yes” you aren’t alone. Most of us in an attempt to power through more tasks try to do more than one thing at a time and...

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Set Smart To-Do Lists

Are your daily habits helping you, or actually holding you back? The latest in neuroscience is actually showing us that an overwhelmed, overused and overtired brain is not an effective or efficient brain. The problem with this is that a lot of the habits that we have...

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