Create Your First Online Course

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Discover how to get your course DONE in 2021

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Get your ideas out of your head and into the world…

Get your course done in 2021!

Has “create my course” been on your to-do list for years?

Do you get caught up over-thinking and over-planning your course?

Is all the tech super overwhelming?

The Truth Is…

You’ve felt called to create your course for a while now. You know the knowledge inside you could help so many people…


You get stuck in indecision, trying to pick the “perfect” idea and feeling the pressure to get it right and create your “signature course” like all the gurus tell you to.

You feel overwhelmed when you think about how to get your ideas into a course structure that flows…What do you include…What do you leave out?

And then there is the tech…

The tech feels like a mammoth job to get your head around and you haven’t had the time to learn it all.

You don’t want to invest big dollars setting everything up. You don’t want some huge, expensive process…not initially anyway.

Of course your fears and self-doubts will surface when you don’t have the know-how, support and a clear roadmap to follow…it’s not your fault you feel daunted!

But…it doesn’t have to be this hard to create your first online course!

There is an easier way…

You can overcome these blocks and get your first online course done, without all the overwhelm and in just 60 days!

Create Your First Course…The EASY Way!

There is a way to create your course without all the stress, cost, tech headaches and time commitment!

Discover how to create your first online course with ease in this FREE online masterclass. Join NOW!

In this FREE online masterclass you’ll discover how to…



Finally choose your course topic, name your course and identify your core message using my Brain’s Brilliance Zone Method, so you can get creating with 100% clarity.



Discover what you do need to get your first course done and more importantly…what you don’t need, so you can get version 1 of your course done and out into the world using my Easy Way Method!




Uncover your unique strengths and point of difference, leaving behind any fears or doubts you might have about creating your first course using my Flip Your Fears Method.  Re-wire your brain for success, create with confidence and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Create Your First Course With Ease

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Meet Your Host…

I’m Jessica Lee; a business coach, writer and mum. I believe creating your first course doesn’t need to be as hard as it seems and it also doesn’t need to take forever.

I am proof.

Not not only have I managed to create my first online course without fancy education platforms and expensive tech, but I also did it while being a mum of a super active toddler!

Despite what others will tell you, you don’t need huge amounts of time, money or tech to get your first online course done and out in the world…and I’ll show you how.

I’ve helped many clients get their knowledge out of their head and into the world. I know you’re a change-maker with an important message to share and I’d love to help you do the same.

Let’s do this.

See you in the masterclass!

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What Other Women Are Saying…

It’s not often we get the chance to work with someone that gets how we feel and understands to the very core what gets in the way of us realising our dreams.

The content and framework set me up well to go on to achieve my goals. I am appreciative for Jessica and her knowledge, energy and direction.

Bernadette McBarron

The incredibly unique and effective step-by-step actions Jess teaches, helped me to quickly clear my path and know the exact goals I truly wanted to focus on AND how to achieve them.
Leonie McNamara

Mindset Coach

Jess is so knowledgeable and gives so much valuable content. Jess will give you exactly what you need so you will actually see results.
Natascha Opt De Hipt

Business Coach, Blissunity

It gave me a boost in clarity and motivation with the projects that I am undertaking. You are doing incredible work for incredible women Jess!

Dr Claire Hilary


The neuroscience-based content Jessica teaches was so fascinating and helpful. Jessica really breaks it down into simple language and makes it super actionable.
Kat Millar

Business Consultant , Amplify Your Influence

Jess is amazing at breaking down complex concepts and applying them to real life situations. Because of the way Jess was able to explain things, I was able to understand them better which led to life-changing breakthroughs. Jess’ advice was very useful in personal as well as business situations.
Rachel Catlin

Editor-in-Chief , GLT Magazine

Jess really got me thinking about how to move forward again despite feeling all the fear and self doubt. I had some powerful realisations…very profound and inspiring. Since becoming a mum EVERYTHING has changed for me.

Amazing stuff and thanks so much for your words of wisdom Jess!!

Angelica Calderon

Jessica offers well-researched strategies that are based on solid evidence. Jessica speaks my language! Thanks Jess.
Kylie Brownfield

Clinical Psychologist, The Mindful Clinic

Get your course done in 2021!


This sounds amazing but I can’t make that time or date, will a recording be sent?

Absolutely! Everyone who signs up will be sent the recording of the masterclass to watch in their own time. Jump on the list now!

How long do I need to set aside for the masterclass?

60 minutes. I have designed this masterclass to be a super-focused session with lots of action-taking along the way.

What will I get out of this masterclass?

1. You will walk away with clarity on your course topic, the name of your course and your core message. Amazing right!

2. You will also discover the easy way to create your first course, so you don’t get caught up in unnecessary tech, costs and details!

3. You will uncover your unique strengths and point of difference, leaving behind any fears or doubts you might have about creating your first course.

Will this work for me?

Yes, if you follow the steps! You can absolutely get your first course done in 60 days with the right guidance and support. Let this be the year you get your course done…you can do it! xx



Create Your First Course…The EASY Way!

I look forward to seeing you there,

Jessica xxx