Grow Your Brain, Build Your Business

6 Week Brain and Business Transformation Program

For Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders

Harness The Power Of Your Brain

Get More Done In Your Business


Discover how to de-activate your stress response, think well under pressure and confidently step out of your comfort zone to grow your business.



Adopt simple brain habits to maximise your focus and productivity so you can start getting even more done in your business without working longer hours.


Discover how to use your brain to generate new ideas, solve problems creatively and bring an innovative edge to your business.


Get more done without burning out by prioritising your wellbeing and supporting your brain health. Learn how to switch off, re-charge and look after your brain.

This Program Is For You If…

– You work really hard but don’t feel you are making as much progress as you would like

– You feel overwhelmed with all the things you need to be across in your business

– You struggle to stay focused and on-task for long periods of time

– You are often under stress and pressure and would love to better manage your response to it

– You feel resistance or fear when you think about getting out of your comfort zone to grow your business

– Your mind feels so full that it is hard to develop new ideas, see new perspectives and solve challenges creatively

– You have put rest, relaxation and fun on the back burner and know that you would enjoy life and business more if you could achieve more work/life balance

Would you like to…

– Better understand the inner workings of your brain

– Reduce overwhelm in your life and business

– Work smarter not harder

– Think well under stress

– Get more done in your day and stay focused

– Think creatively about your challenges

– Bring innovation into your business strategy

– Confidently step out of your comfort zone and back yourself

– Stay healthy and happy while you grow your business

Transform How You Think And Work

Hi, I’m Jessica Lee…

I began researching the power of the brain after being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome at 23, an illness that took me seven years to recover from. In that time I became a freelance writer, exploring the power of the brain and what it means to develop health and wellness in our bodies and minds.

Once I recovered and started my own business, I noticed the high rates of stress and overwhelm in the business world. Having promised myself I would never burnout again, I started to research the optimal conditions for our brain to focus, be productive and remain healthy and happy.

I am now a professional speaker and business consultant, sharing my experience and knowledge with business owners and corporate teams to help them achieve more, think creatively and re-imagine what is possible…without sacrificing their health, wellbeing and joy.


“Before doing Jessica’s course my biggest problem was stress.

One of the things I loved most about the course was learning about the problems with multi-tasking. It’s not until you stop that you realise how it can rob you of time but also how stressful it is juggling so many balls at once.

Since the course I am practicing better sleep habits and can more easily recognise when I feel anxious. I now know how to step back and think about why I feel anxious and what I can change that is in my control.

Jessica is an excellent presenter and her enthusiasm was obvious and contagious!”

Denise Butcher

“Jessica is a passionate presenter who has the ability to make a complex subject informative, interesting and engaging.

The course made me very aware of a few of my habits that do not serve me well. I particularly loved the sections on stress management techniques, the importance of diet, beating procrastination by “chunking down” tasks and the positive impact of exercise and sleep on the brain.

The course was excellent and I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in understanding the workings of the brain and wants to use that knowledge in a practical and constructive way in their lives.”

Janine Goodall

“Jessica’s course was really interesting! The sections on habits, memory and recharging your brain section were particularly useful to me. This is a great course if you would love greater insight into how the brain works and the affect on your overall health.”

Nigel Goodall

6 Week Program Outline

How Will I Learn And Take Action?


Training Videos


Each week, through video training, you will learn about the inner workings of your brain. You will learn key strategies you can implement into your business to ensure you are using your brain optimally.




Each week, go deeper into the lesson through a guided worksheet, helping you move your new knowledge into clear action.


Online Group Coaching


Create lasting change by joining the weekly group coaching accountability session. Get the support you need, set clear goals and stay on track to make lasting brain changes.

Private Facebook Group


Be part of a community of like-minded people and create new connections and networks. Ask questions, share your journey with others in the group and learn from each other.


“Before doing Jessica’s course I was turning into a real stress head!

I really loved understanding what stress does to the brain and how I can be more productive by tackling one task at a time. This has really helped me to manage stress better.”

Kellie Arnold

“Jessica’s course was great! I have been using the techniques and have been achieving a lot!”

Barbara Kallinosis

“ Since doing Jessica’s course I have been so much more present in my work and more conscious of how I am fuelling by brain through my diet. I really enjoyed learning about the brain and how it can be re-trained by creating new pathways.”
Kent Eriksson