My Story

Hey, I’m Jessica Lee

I’m a speaker


and business consultant.

I am a self-confessed nerd! I love all things neuroscience, mindset, wellbeing and communications.

I help businesses to apply the latest in brain science to:

  • work smarter, not harder
  • prioritise wellbeing and protect against staff burn out
  • raise productivity and innovation
  • build resilience and emotional intelligence
  • craft emotive, brain-based marketing messages

My Story

It is unusual to meet someone whose life has gone to plan, and my story is no different.

My Unexpected Journey
In 2007 I graduated with First Class Honours (Communications) from the University of Technology, Sydney after completing a thesis on hope. After Honours, I started working for The Attorney General’s Department as part of their highly competitive graduate program.

I had worked exceptionally hard to be where I was and I believed it was the beginning of a fantastic new career. However, six months into the program I became very sick. I went from being fit and active to not being able to stand up long enough to have a shower. I went from being academically switched on to struggling to put sentences together.

At 23, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I left work for a month to recover, not for a second thinking it would take me seven years to get better! In that time I lost my job, my income and my independence.

With so much change and uncertainty in my life, I knew I had to think differently in order to re-build my life from the ground up. I also knew I needed to get a handle on the anxiety that had crept into my thinking.

Re-Imagining What Was Possible

Three books totally challenged how I was thinking during this time and they were Dr Viktor Frankl’s book Man’s Search For Meaning, Jean-Dominique Bauby’s book The Diving Bell And The Butterfly and Dr John Arden’s book Re-Wire Your Brain.

These books taught me three powerful ideas that allowed me to rebuild my health and my life:

1. The only true power you have is how you choose to respond to the events in your life
2. What you focus on magnifies – focus on what you have and can do, not on your limitations
3. Your brain is powerful and can hold you back or propel you forward – you have the ability to influence and change how your brain works and ultimately how you experience your life

I became fascinated by the power of the brain...

As a researcher, I was fascinated.

I began reading everything I could about the power of the brain and what it takes to promote personal wellbeing, health and resilience. From my bed I started to write and launched a new career as a mindset and wellbeing writer.

I have since written for Australia’s leading health and wellness publications, including Body and Soul, WellBeing, Australian Yoga Life and Make The World Move.

Taking On New Challenges

Once I recovered, I was up for a new challenge. I spent a year with The Entourage learning about business development and entrepreneurship and started my own marketing consultancy business. However, I started noticing something within the business and corporate community high rates of stress, overwhelm, burn out and sadly, depression.

I also observed a trend of attaching pride to always being busy, surviving on minimal sleep and caffeine, putting self-care on the back burner and truthfully, it concerned me. It got me thinking, “Is this what success required?”

I had promised myself while I was sick that I would never burnout again. I knew working myself into the ground was not the way forward, but would that mean I would not be successful in business?

Re-Defining Success and Productivity

I decided to look into this idea of productivity and wellbeing more and started researching what the brain needs to work at its best. What I discovered was exciting!

It has traditionally been believed that wellbeing is almost a “barrier” to progress, success and achievement. The research, however, is showing the opposite.

The more we understand about the brain the more we are finding that an overwhelmed, overused and overtired brain is not a smart brain! In fact, peak performance and success is reliant on health, happiness and wellbeing.

Becoming A Healthy Brain Advocate
I am now a healthy brain advocate, inspiring corporate teams and business owners to redefine the habits of productivity, prioritise wellbeing, adopt brain-based strategies to protect against staff burn out, maximise focus, foster innovation and create sustainable progress.

My mission is both academic and personal. As grateful as I am for the seven years I lived with an illness, I want to create change in workplaces to help teams achieve more without burning out, to think creatively, to love their work and to re-imagine what is possible…without sacrificing their health, wellbeing and joy.


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