Get Your Project DONE This Year!


  • Do you have a big exciting project you want DONE this year?
  • Do you find it hard to get started and to know what to work on and how to make it happen?
  • Is self-doubt stopping you from taking action?

You’re not alone!

It’s time to get your ideas out of your head and into the world…

If you’ve struggled to get started on your projects (and finish them!) you aren’t alone.

After working with female entrepreneurs for years, I’ve discovered the top 3 reasons they struggle to get their ideas out of their head and into the world:

1. Not knowing where to start

2. Niggling self-doubt

3. Not having the support


As a result, I’ve seen indecision, doubt and inaction:


1. Cost them thousands of dollars in their business

2. Limit the amount of people they could have helped

3. Undermine their potential, happiness and success

I was the same, until I discovered an easier way to make decisions, plan my projects and retrain my brain.

Once I developed this new approach, getting projects DONE was easy, exciting and empowering.

I’ve gone on to use these same processes to help female entrepreneurs (and big corporations) to:

1. Breakthrough the resistance to getting started

2. Consistently follow through, to achieve more, with ease

3. Overcome self-doubt and grow their business and impact

Get Your Project DONE This Year!

Whether you want to:

  • finally put all your wisdom into an online course
  • write the draft of your first book
  • create a coaching business
  • start a new side hustle

Join the Project Kickstarter Challenge and get it done!

Free 5 Day Project Kickstarter Challenge

Starting Monday 31st August – Friday 4th September

In the Project Kickstarter Challenge, you’ll receive exactly what you need to create your…


Finish the challenge clear on:

  • what project you’re going to get DONE
  • who you are creating for
  • why it matters
  • how you are going to get there!

5 Day Challenge Action-Plan

  • Day #1: Your Project

Decide what project you’ll get DONE this year, so you can can move past indecision and get started with clarity and confidence.

  • Day #2: Your Community

Get clear about who your project will help, so you can create for your community with purpose and certainty.

  • Day #3: Your Vision

Create your project purpose statement, so you can be guided and inspired by your bigger vision.

  • Day #4: Your Plan

Create your project overview, so you can see your project come to life and get creating.

  • Day #5: Your Mindset

Shift your mindset with one simple strategy, so you can confidently step into your leadership and leave self-doubt behind.


Go into the running to win a gorgeous Kikki K pack for the most committed action-taker of the challenge!

By the end of the Project Kickstarter 5 Day Challenge, you’ll have created your


Hit the ground running and get your project done this year!


Get It Done


Grow Your Business


Increase Your Income

The incredibly unique and effective step-by-step actions Jess teaches, helped me to quickly clear my path and know the exact goals I truly wanted to focus on AND how to achieve them.

Leonie McNamara

Mindset Coach

Jess is so knowledgeable and gives so much valuable content. Jess will give you exactly what you need so you will actually see results.

Natascha Opt De Hipt

Business Coach, Blissunity

The neuroscience-based content Jessica teaches was so fascinating and helpful. Jessica really breaks it down into simple language and makes it super actionable.

Kat Millar

Business Consultant , Amplify Your Influence

Jess is amazing at breaking down complex concepts and applying them to real life situations. Because of the way Jess was able to explain things, I was able to understand them better which led to life-changing breakthroughs. Jess’ advice was very useful in personal as well as business situations.

Rachel Catlin

Editor-in-Chief , GLT Magazine

Your Host

Jessica Lee is a performance and mindset specialist and business coach. She is passionate about helping female entrepreneurs take their ideas and make them happen!

As a writer, speaker and coach, Jessica has worked with both small businesses and large corporations including Commonwealth Bank, NAB, Blackmores and Curves.

She has shared her passion for neuroscience, positive psychology and wellbeing practices as a feature writer for leading publications including Wellbeing, Being, Thrive Global and Body and Soul.

Jessica offers well-researched strategies that are based on solid evidence. Jessica speaks my language! Thanks Jess.

Kylie Brownfield

Clinical Psychologist, The Mindful Clinic

Jessica had great ideas and strategies to improve both creativity and productivity at work.

We continue to see many examples of the team using their learnings.

Nicole Steven

Head of Business Development ANZ, Blackmores

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