Would you love to wake up each morning and know exactly what you need to be doing that day to move your business forward?

Staying on top of everything in your business is a big job. With a plan it’s possible. Stop getting distracted doing tasks that aren’t vital to your business right now.

Know Your BIG Vision

To effectively plan your week and daily task list, you need to know what your big vision and goals are for the year. This part is exciting and you should definitely be dreaming BIG and BOLD!

You also need to know what you need to do to make those goals happen. If you don’t have this high level direction for your business, it’s time to sit down with a coffee, tea (or green smoothie) and commit a chunk of time to nutting it all out. Don’t go through the year “guessing” what you need to be working on in your business.

Once you know your vision and direction, you can create a super-focused daily “to-do” list so you can confidently know you’re working on the tasks that are going to get you where you need to be.


Know where you’re going.

Focus Your Brain

Here’s a nerdy brain fact: when presented with three pieces of information at any one time, the brain does really well to remember and stay focused, but beyond that it starts to get overwhelmed.

I use this nerdy brain fact to plan my week and create my daily task list. This is my process:

My Process

I start my Monday morning by brewing a strong cup of tea, reviewing the week that was, then looking at what I need to achieve that week to keep me on track to achieving my big goals. I do this through the power of 3’s.

Step 1

1. I start by picking my three core goals for the week that are the most important and likely to lead me to my BIG business goals.

eg) 1. Launch my website

       2. Write a list of 30 places I could approach for speaking opportunities 

       3. Develop my online copy course.

Step 2

2. Once I’ve picked those, I map it out by writing a task list of all the things I need to do within those three core goals for the week.

eg) 1. Finalise my Home Page, sign up to Mail Chimp, Finish Lead Magnet, Re-size photos etc.

       2. Google places to speak, ask around for recommendations, start tracking options in a spreadsheet etc.

       3. Draft a content map, look at portal options etc.

Step 3

3. I then look at that list and choose only three core tasks to focus on each day. No more long “to-do” lists! (surely that’s worth celebrating).

eg) Monday:     1. Finalise Home page

                           2. Sign Up For Mail Chimp

                           3. Work on Lead Magnet

      Tuesday:     1. Finalise Blogs

                           2. Finalise About Me page

                           3. Finalise Lead Magnet

     Wednesday: 1. Finalise Work With Me page

                            2. Re-size photos

                            3. Google speaking opportunities

 There is one more step though, that transforms this planning process into a brilliant motivation tool.


Know Your Why


When I have picked my three core goals for the week, I also write down WHY it’s important and how it fits into my business vision. Now I’ve anchored into my WHY, it stops me getting so distracted and keeps me motivated. It was the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, who said, “He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” Knowing your why helps you push through the tough days, the days you’re tired, unmotivated or unsure.

This plan fits nicely on an A4 sheet and sits on my desk as my point of reference every morning. I start my day knowing exactly what I need to be working on. It frees up so much energy and headspace because I’m no longer making decisions every day (or hour!) on what to work on next.

I also get a nice hit of dopamine to my brain when I tick off tasks each day. I love looking over my plan at the end of the week and seeing the tangible evidence of how I’ve moved my business forward. It’s really important as entrepreneurs to be celebrating our progress and this plan makes it possible.

If you need help moving forward, I’d love to offer you a super–focused 30 minute Skype chat to help you move through your number one challenge at the moment and get you planning like a pro! Click here to find out more about working with me.