Create Your First Online Course In 60 Days!

(Without All The Stress, Cost and Tech Overwhelm!)

Has “create my course” been on your to-do list for years?

Do you get caught up over-thinking and over-planning your course?

Is all the tech super overwhelming?

As seen in:

Finally get your ideas out of your head and into the world this year…

You’ve felt called to create your course for a while now. You know the knowledge inside you could help so many people…


You get stuck in indecision, trying to pick the “perfect” idea and feeling the pressure to get it right and create your “signature course” like all the gurus tell you to.

You feel overwhelmed when you think about how to get your ideas into a course structure that flows…What do you include…What do you leave out?

And then there is the tech…

The tech feels like a mammoth job to get your head around and you haven’t had the time to learn it all.

Plus, you don’t want to invest big dollars setting everything up – you don’t want some huge, expensive process!

I hear you…I used to feel that way too…

It doesn’t have to be so hard!

Did you know that most people who have an idea for an online course, never actually get it done?

Indecision, overwhelm and self-doubt stop them from getting their course done and out into the world.

What a massive waste of talent!

They don’t get their course out into the world which means:

  • They never share their knowledge and skills with the word.
  • They don’t make the income they could in their business.
  • They live with regret and all the “what if’s?” of knowing they have unrealised potential inside them!

Don’t let that be you!

Half-finished courses don’t help people, they don’t make money and they don’t allow you to grow your business.

Most people think that to get their first online course created they need lots of time, loads of confidence, an expensive education platform and professional recording equipment!

It’s simply not true..

There is an easier way to create your first online course…

Let me introduce you to the…

Course Creation Accelerator Program

This 8 week program will:

  • Give you everything you need to create your course in just 60 days, so you can launch faster, which means you start making money and helping clients sooner.
  • Access my 5 step EASY WAY Method, to create and deliver your course without needing expensive and confusing tech and education platforms, so can keep things simple and focus on creating, without all the stress, cost and tech headaches!
  • Get you “launch ready” with a powerful sales page finished with my expert guidance and 1:1 feedback, so you don’t get stuck wondering how to sell your course, which means you can hit the ground running as soon as your course is done!

This is FOR you if..

  • You know your knowledge can help people.
  • You just want to FOCUS on creating your course.
  • You are sick of getting lost in the crowd with big group programs.
  • You want personalised, done with you support and feedback.
  • You want to create with others and be inspired by a group of like-minded women.
  • You’re committed to this year being THE year you get your course out into the world!

Create your first course…the EASY Way

Create the low-stress, low-cost and low-tech way!

Course Creator Accelerator Program

All the support + skills you need…




Discover my 5 step Easy Way Method to create your course with low-stress, low-cost and low-tech, so you can create your course the simple way, which means you can get your course out into the world and making money faster!



Get “launch ready” with a powerful sales page finished with my expert guidance and 1:1 feedback, so you don’t get stuck wondering how to sell your course, which means you can hit the ground running as soon as your course is done!



Work with me 1:1 to map out your course modules and develop your unique knowledge framework in our first 90 min 1:1 session. Then check in fortnightly in our 45 min 1:1 strategy sessions so you can keep your momentum high, trouble-shoot any problems you might be having and get feedback on your course content.




Send me your slides and worksheets each week and receive personalised expert feedback on your content, so you don’t get stuck wondering how to structure your ideas, which means you can be confident you’re creating a course that flows beautifully and your clients are going to love!



Be part of a small group of vibrant like-minded women creating their first online course, so you can learn from each other and stay inspired, which means you can fast-track your course creation process and have fun while doing it!



Access online training videos that give you step-by-step instructions on how to create and deliver your first online course, so you can focus on getting your course created and not get lost in the tech overwhelm and decision overload.




Take the guesswork out of creating with my templates, cheat sheets and checklists, so you can create your slides, worksheets and sales page with less stress and overwhelm, which means you can can get your course done in record speed!



Access email and Facebook group support throughout the program, so you always have somewhere to go with your questions and challenges, which means you’ll have all the support you need to finally get your course done in 2021!



Join an intimate small group of only 5 women, so you get VIP support, guidance and expert feedback on your work, which means you won’t get lost in the crowd (like a lot of big course creation programs). Consider me as part of your team!

Valued at $5997 AUD

Take a look inside…

Module 1: Plan Your Course


How to choose your course topic, name, length, price + delivery style


How to understand your ideal client + tap into their psychology


How to map out your course into clear modules and develop your unique knowledge framework

Module 2: Create Your Course


How to create beautiful slides that are well structured and really "pop"


How to create professional worksheets using Canva without needing to be a graphic designer


How to source gorgeous free imagery to use in your course content

Module 3: Tech Basics


The basic tech you need to record great videos with minimal cost


How to record videos to use in your course without needing fancy equipment or tech.


How to edit your videos the fast way

Module 4: Overcome Creative Blocks


How to maximise your time to create, in your already busy schedule!


How to stay motivated, problem-solve, overcome setbacks, stay focused and on-track


How to silence your inner critic and create with confidence

Module 5: Sales Page Success


How to tap into the psychology of sales


How to create compelling copy for your sales page without pulling your hair out


How to design a sales page for success

Module 6: Deliver LIVE + LEAN


How to successfully run a LIVE group program


How to use Zoom to deliver your course the easy way


How to easily upload your modules and share them with your students

Plus These 3 Amazing Bonuses!



Get FREE access to my 6 module brain-based performance training program. The Spark Effect Academy steps you through my 6 step method for getting any creative project done! Discover the neuroscience behind staying motivated, building resilience, effective problem-solving, overcoming procrastination, increasing your productivity, moving past self-doubt and creating new habits that support your long-term success.

Valued $1997



Want to know the secret to writing great copy that connects and converts? In this vault you will discover how to write captivating headlines, write emails that get opened, speak your customers language, use words that sell, the basics of neuromarketing and so much more! The Copy Vault is your marketing essentials toolkit!

Valued $997



You will have access to the video trainings, templates, worksheets and resource library for the life of the program, so you can go back to them whenever you need, which means less-stress and more flexibility as you create your course

Valued at $1997

Bonus Value $4991 AUD

Total Program Value $10,988 AUD

All For Only 2997 AUD

14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not fully satisfied, you can email me within 14 days and I will refund all of your money.
I want you to be completely happy and this Satisfaction Guarantee makes it completely risk-free for you.

Applications now open!

This is a unique done with you small group program to ensure you get the VIP treatment and get your course done!

Don’t get lost in the crowd, get eyes on your work, personalised feedback weekly and all the support you need to quickly move through any challenges you face along the way!

Click “apply now” to fill out an application form and I will be in touch to see if we are a great fit for the next LIVE round.

Meet your host

I’m Jessica Lee; a business coach, writer and mum.

I believe creating your first course doesn’t need to be as hard as it seems and it also doesn’t need to take forever.

I am proof.

Not not only have I managed to create my first online course without fancy education platforms and expensive tech, but I also did it while being a mum of a super active toddler!

Despite what others will tell you, you don’t need huge amounts of time, money or tech to get your first online course done and out in the world…and I’ll show you how.

I’ve helped many clients get their knowledge out of their head and into the world.

I know you’re a change-maker with an important message to share and I’d love to help you do the same.

Let’s do this!

6 reasons why having an online course is a game-changer…

1. “Pandemic Proof” Your Business: COVID-19 has shown us how essential it is to be online. With online education booming, don’t miss out on your chance to get a piece of the digital education pie!

2. Create An Asset: Creating an online course gives you an asset in your business you can sell however you like…as part of your coaching package, as an evergreen course, module by module…the choice is yours but either way you make more money and can start charging more for your services!

3. Business Growth: Organising and structuring your knowledge is a game-changer because now you have a clear knowledge framework in your business. You can go on to use your knowledge framework to write a book from your course, start a podcast or plan out your marketing.

4. Builds Trust Fast: When you can clearly show a prospective client how you can get them the result they are after with your methods and framework, trust and credibility is sky-high – both essential for increasing your sales.

5. Establish Your Expert Status: Having an online course that gets great results will make you easily referable and will establish you as a leader in your industry fast!

6. Free Up Time: Having an online course gives you the freedom to stop trading your time for money and to reach more people, which means you can have a bigger impact and create a leveraged business. 

What Other Women Are Saying About Working With Me…

Jessica offers well-researched strategies that are based on solid evidence. Jessica speaks my language! Thanks Jess.
Kylie Brownfield

Clinical Psychologist, The Mindful Clinic

Jess is so knowledgeable and gives so much valuable content. Jess will give you exactly what you need so you will actually see results.
Natascha Opt De Hipt

Business Coach, Blissunity

The incredibly unique and effective step-by-step actions Jess teaches, helped me to quickly clear my path and know the exact goals I truly wanted to focus on AND how to achieve them.
Leonie McNamara

Mindset Coach

It gave me a boost in clarity and motivation with the projects that I am undertaking. You are doing incredible work for incredible women Jess!

Dr Claire Hilary


It’s not often we get the chance to work with someone that gets how we feel and understands to the very core what gets in the way of us realising our dreams. The content and framework set me up well to go on to achieve my goals. I am appreciative for Jessica and her knowledge, energy and direction.

Bernadette McBarron

Jess really got me thinking about how to move forward again despite feeling all the fear and self doubt. I had some powerful realisations…very profound and inspiring. Since becoming a mum EVERYTHING has changed for me. Amazing stuff and thanks so much for your words of wisdom Jess!!

Angelica Calderon

The neuroscience-based content Jessica teaches was so fascinating and helpful. Jessica really breaks it down into simple language and makes it super actionable.
Kat Millar

Business Consultant , Amplify Your Influence

Jess is amazing at breaking down complex concepts and applying them to real life situations. Because of the way Jess was able to explain things, I was able to understand them better which led to life-changing breakthroughs.

Rachel Catlin

Editor-in-Chief , GLT Magazine

Create Your First Course…The EASY Way!

The Course Creator Accelerator Program will help you: 

  • Take that ‘spark’ of genius and turn it into an incredible online course!
  • Give you the exact step-by-step processes, templates, frameworks and skills you need, so you can finally create your first online course The EASY Way, without the stress, cost and tech overwhelm
  • Overcome the blocks that have stopped you in the past from achieving what is possible in your business.
  • Achieve your BIG course creation goal this year, without the overwhelm and 24/7 hustle!

Spots Are Limited

Imagine having your course FINALLY DONE and ready to launch in just 60 days!

Are you ready to take your SPARK of genius and turn it into an online course? Let this year be the year you:

  • finally get your course done
  • establish yourself as an authority in your industry
  • bring more income into your business
  • change more lives!

The Course Creator Accelerator Program will give you everything you need to make your course a reality, in just 60 days!

I look forward to seeing if this program is a good fit for you,

Jessica xxx

Spots Are Limited