Do you spend ages writing your blog post, only to type in the first headline you think of just so you can press SEND and get it out there? Do you “rush to the end” so you can get back to doing what you actually enjoy doing in your business?

This wouldn’t matter so much…if the headline wasn’t the most important part of any writing you do. These 5-10 words will determine whether or not someone will click-through and read what you have written. It probably goes without saying that without that click-through your insights, tips and offers will literally NEVER be read.

That sucks, right, especially after all the hard work you have put into the content. But it’s more than that — if your work is not being read all your amazing knowledge isn’t getting out into the world.

I know that for most business owners, writing for their business is not their first love. With that in mind, I’m going to help you to “skill-up” and learn how to craft a catchy headline to increase your click-through rate and ultimately your impact in the world.

8 Super-Charged Tips For Writing Killer Headlines

Before clicking, your reader will always be subconsciously asking themselves, “Is it worth my time reading this?” Leave no doubt in your reader’s mind that it’s definitely worth their time reading your content with these 8 hot tips.

1. Be Relevant

Speak to an issue your readers are currently dealing with or care about.

Example: If you knew your ideal clients were writing their own copy for their website, they would want to know how to write great homepage copy. Here is a catchy relevant headline you could use:

“Download Your Free Killer Homepage Copy Cheat Sheet”

2. Laser Focused

The best headlines are around 5-10 words (under 50 characters is ideal). Make sure you have included the keywords your client would be looking for, and include them in the front or middle of your headline where you can.

Example: “Sales Scripts: Double Your Sales With This Proven Template”

3. Power Action Words

Use powerful action words to inspire your readers to take the next step and click-through e.g. super-charge, download, discover etc.

Example: “Super-Charge Your Copy With These 3 Hot Tips”

4. Lead With Emotion

Tap into the two emotions that drive human behaviour — fear and desire.

Fear: “What Not To Do When Starting Your Business”
Desire: “Double Your Conversions With This Copywriting Hack”

Write Catchy Headlines

5. Intriguing

The brain loves novelty, newness and mystery. Use intrigue in your headlines to spark your readers’ interest and engagement.

Example: “The Little Known and Scary Facts About The Food Industry”

6. Time-Bound

Use timeframes to deliver an outcome and allow your readers to feel that what you are offering is manageable and will deliver a tangible result for them.

Example: “Get You Tax Done In 24 Hours”

7. Outcome Driven

Be clear about what outcome your content will deliver so your readers knows why they should stop and invest their valuable time reading your content.

Example: “Discover 3 Easy Steps To Automate Your Social Media Posts”

8. The Power of 10

Don’t rush your headline. Write at least 10 possible headlines for your content before deciding which is the best.

Even if you are writing brilliant content, without a captivating headline, your work simply won’t get read.

We live in an incredibly fast paced world and if you don’t capture people’s attention quickly, you simply fade into the background and people move onto the next thing. By using these 8 super-charged tips, you can write catchy headlines for your content and start seeing your engagement rate rise. The more that people engage with your inspiring, helpful, value-driven content the more motivated they will be to take action and do business with you or refer you to others.

Before you hit SEND on your next email or PUBLISH on your blog post, take 10 minutes to make sure you have crafted the most catchy, compelling and exciting headline so you can maximise the impact and reach your content has.

This post concludes my 4 part series on Transforming Your Copy.

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How To Write Catchy Headlines