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I’m a neuro-wellbeing writer and educator, passionate about sharing the fascinating world of the brain and how we can use neuroscience-based strategies to find solutions, build resilience, lower stress and increase health, happiness and creativity.

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Do Less to Achieve More

“Jess, I work so hard every day, but I get to the end of the day and I am exhausted! I don’t get through everything I need to and I go home feeling “flat” and unfulfilled. I am just not enjoying my work at the moment. I don’t feel as happy as I could be.” Can you...

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The Hidden Cost of Multitasking

You have back-to-back meetings, that report needs to be written, your emails are piling up, you keep getting interrupted to do new tasks…it seems the only way to get through everything is to attempt to juggle all your tasks at once. Right?   On a logical level it...

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4 Steps To Enhance Innovative Thinking

At a time when innovation in business is crucial to staying relevant and competitive, how can you train your brain to think beyond the obvious? How can you approach problem solving and challenges with more fun and playfulness?   1.   Harness Stress and Pressure   When...

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The Balancing Act

Out of ten how much pressure do you feel in your life at the moment? Are your own beliefs about how things “should” be causing you to feel more pressure than is necessary? There is no doubt that our thoughts are powerful and impact how we experience life. When our...

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Re-Train Your Brain To Focus

How often during your day do you multitask? Do you try to be across more than one thing at a time to save time and get more done? If you answered “yes” you aren’t alone. Most of us in an attempt to power through more tasks try to do more than one thing at a time and...

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Set Smart To-Do Lists

Are your daily habits helping you, or actually holding you back? The latest in neuroscience is actually showing us that an overwhelmed, overused and overtired brain is not an effective or efficient brain. The problem with this is that a lot of the habits that we have...

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Distraction: What is it costing you?

What is distraction and lack of focus costing you in your business? When our brain is constantly divided we stay on the "surface" and struggle to think deeply about the work we are doing. Is this costing you your ability to innovate, problem solve and create content...

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