NEW Online Neuro-Leadership Course Coming in 2020!

Would you love to learn more about how your amazing brain works?

Do you want to have a bigger impact in the world?

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My new 10 week Neuro-Leadership online course is coming in 2020!


1. Learn brain-based strategies to increase your productivity, focus, motivation, memory, and stress management.


2. Re-wire you brain to be healthier, happier and more creative.


3. Invest in your professional and personal development and become a great leader.


4. Lead, inspire and have a bigger impact in the world!


Jessica helped me truly understand through her life story and her knowledge of the field of neuroscience how she was able to re-build her life.

I took away clear personal strategies to help me invest in my health, to focus on what magnifies me and to work on developing the best version of myself.

Jessica’s energy and happiness was so infectious and inspiring. I would highly recommend her sessions.

Sue Sleiman

Attendee, Wired For Wonder

Jessica had great ideas and strategies to improve both creativity and productivity at work.

We continue to see many examples of the team using their learnings.

Nicole Steven

Head of Business Development ANZ, Blackmores

Go DEEPER into the neuroscience of success, productivity, creativity and wellbeing!

What we will be covering:

1. Achieve Your Goals: The neuroscience of success + motivation.

2. Create Lasting Change: The neuroscience of positive habit formation.

3. Boost Your Productivity: The neuroscience of focus.

4. Enhance Your Memory: The neuroscience of learning.

5. Move Through Challenges: The neuroscience of resilience

6. Manage Stress and Overwhelm: The neuroscience of calm.

7. Invest In Your Wellbeing: The neuroscience of health + wellness.

8. Your Creative Journey + Vision: The neuroscience of creativity.

9. Live Courageously: The neuroscience of confidence.

Get The Brain Advantage!

Apply what you learn in your own life and business.

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Get ready to harness the power of your brain to think, work and feel better.

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