Become a GOAL ACHIEVER…not just a goal dreamer!

Don’t let another year slip by without doing the things that matter in your business!

Do you have that “one BIG thing” you want to desperately create and achieve in your business this year?

That “thing” that has been on your business bucket list for SO long, but you haven’t achieved yet?

That project or goal that is so big and exciting that it also scares you a bit…okay a lot!

That goal that is going to stretch you and grow your business?

If you’re ready to bust through the blockages that have stopped you from achieving in the past…

But you just don’t know how…

Then, I’d love to invite you to my next FREE online Goal Success Masterclass.

In this LIVE and super-practical masterclass I’ll be bringing my expertise in neuroscience, positive psychology and wellbeing to show you:



The 4 biggest roadblocks that will stop you from achieving your BIG business goals this year!

Brain-Based Approach

How to bust through these blocks and achieve ANY of your goals with my proven, science-based method.

Ditch the Hustle

How to achieve your goal with certainty and ease…without sacrificing your health or relationships.

The LIVE Masterclass is over…sorry we missed you this time!

Grab the limited-time access to the replay…

Re-Wire For Success

  • Have you decided that 2020 is the year you are going to show up differently, so you can courageously create the things that matter to you and grow your business?


  • Is this year all about becoming a better leader so you can have a bigger impact in the world?


  • Do you want to achieve more in your business, so you can help more people and create more financial freedom?


  • Are you sick of goal-setting processes that don’t work and leave you feeling uninspired, frustrated or like you must be ‘unmotivated’ or ‘lazy’ or doing something ‘wrong’?

If you have said “Yes” then you need to be at my FREE Goal Success Masterclass.

Grab your seat now, spaces are limited!


Loved the neuroscience

“Thank you for a great masterclass, I loved the neuroscience aspects and my team found it really useful.”

Kiran Nazish, Women In Journalism

Great content

“Loved the masterclass Jess! Great content and some great take homes!”

Emma Bond, Emma Bond Creative

Great content

“I learned a LOT and loved the unique approach to goal setting and action-taking. I REALLY enjoyed the techniques, ideas, and tools that were so easy to implement and apply straight away.”

Kat Millar, Business Consultant, Amplify Your Influence

About Your Host

I’m Jessica Lee and I’m a neuro-wellbeing writer, speaker and educator. I’m passionate about helping female entrepreneurs and leaders achieve their business and life goals through the power of neuroscience and wellbeing-based strategies.

Having lived with a chronic illness for nearly a decade and now recovered, I advocate and teach sustainable success and achievement.

My focus is always on what our brain and body needs to thrive and I show you how you can support your health, happiness and ultimately your success by working with your brain (not against it) through practical work, lifestyle and mindset strategies and techniques.

I love working with people and teams who are driven to live courageously and to create the things that matter to them, while bringing about positive change in the world.

Over the last decade as a neuro-wellbeing educator, I’ve written for leading publications such as WellBeing magazine, Body and Soul, Australian Yoga Life, Thrive Global and Being magazine. I’ve shared my message with corporate audiences at companies such as Commonwealth Bank, Blackmores and Curves.

Achieve What Matters In 2020

The LIVE Masterclass is over…sorry we missed you this time!

Grab the limited-time access to the replay…

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