Do You…

– Want to get more done this year?

– Want to make progress on an important project?

– Want to make that last push to the finish line to get the “I did it!” feeling?

– Want to get a head started on something for 2020?

– Don’t want to feel regret if you don’t do this one ‘thing’?

Create What Matters

4 Week Goal Achievement Program

Starting Monday 4th – 30th November 2019

In this program you will:


– Get clear on what goal you want to achieve by the end of 2019

– Create your action plan to get there

– Uncover the neuroscience and skills to build motivation and success

– Move through mindset blocks

– Develop skills and habits to increase focus and productivity

– Get accountable and have fun going after your goals

– Get connected and join a community of like-minded people

– Create great momentum going into 2020!

What’s included…

Mini-Masterclass Topics

Discover how to:

– Find clarity

– Increase focus and productivity

– Overcome challenges and mindset blocks

– Increase motivation

– Understand habit formation

– Build a success mindset

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Q: I have so many goals, I don’t know which one to pick?

Go you! It’s great to have lots of exciting goals. In this program we will be focusing on one goal to achieve before 2019 ends, and I will be helping you decide which is best based on your time, motivation, importance and hitting the ‘sweet spot’ of challenge.

Q: What if I can’t make the LIVE weekly sessions?

Not a problem. Most people’s lives are busy so I have designed the program to work even if you can’t attend live. I will be sending out the recording and you can watch on replay in your own time. You can then use the private Facebook group to ask any questions and check in and share your successes and obstacles.

Q: I don’t know if I have enough time?

This program is all about moving forward, making progress and achieving, and that’s going to look differently for each person. If you have ten minutes a day or three hours a day to work on your goal, taking action is what’s important. I will be keeping you focused on taking action and doing what you can with what you have. As a busy mum of a two year old son, I am always amazed at how much progress you can make in a short, sharp focused work session of even 15-20 minutes, so don’t let time be a barrier.

Q: How much time will I need to set aside for the program?

You’ll need to set aside 60 minutes each week as a minimum. That will give you the time to attend (or watch on replay) the weekly session which will be a mix of learning, planning and coaching. I’ve designed the program so you will be taking action in the session, to free up time to work on your goal. You’ll also be receiving my Goals Guide and Workbook and if you choose to work through that it will be an extra 30 minutes of your time each week.

Hi I’m Jess

I’m a neuro-wellbeing writer and educator, passionate about sharing the fascinating world of the brain and how we can use neuroscience-based strategies to achieve goals, find solutions, build resilience and increase health, happiness and creativity.

I have been writing for health and wellness magazines for over a decade, including titles such as WellBeing, Thrive Global, Body and Soul and Australian Yoga Life. I’ve presented training and workshops for businesses such as Commonweath Bank, Blackmores and Curves.

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Take Action


End 2019 On A High!

Intro Offer $97

Join Today! Only $97

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